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Are you ready for a different approach to photography and creativity?

The identity approach. The Beverly Hills Photographer brings vision to reality through digital photography creation that revolves around identity. A digital concept inspired by how our clients want to be perceived through photography. Creativity in the pursuit of realizing this perception ultimately leads to an unmistakably defined identity. Our creative photography and design solutions help clients build their persona across various channels such as event photography, executive photography, realty photography, corporate photography, branding, rebranding, logo design and web design. By applying creative, critical thinking to these different channels, we embrace and define each client’s identity.

Where passion leads success follows

I always had a passion and appreciation for art. When I was a child, I was always creating something. I wrote poetry, enjoyed drawing and made music. I always engulfed myself in artful hobbies. I always appreciated photography but it wasn’t until I was visiting my cousins in Europe where I was first introduced to it. My cousins had a knack for photography. They showed me the basic functions of a DSLR camera along with fundamental principles: exposure, shutter speed and composition. A passion developed quickly. I arrived from my vacation with a newfound hobby and an obsessive desire to master it. I spent countless days and nights photographing anything that was inspiring. I read photography books and magazines, watched hundreds of tutorials online and photographed close friends and family. As the demand for my photography grew so did my appreciation and my love for photography. I am privileged to have been professionally photographing ever since.

Kareem Assassa
Founder & Photographer

If your brand could
take you anywhere
where would
you go?

Creative branding can take your business wherever you want it to go. Whether you just started your business and are looking to create a brand that drives your identity or you have an established business and are seeking to rebrand your essence, we can help get you there. A properly thought out strategy can serve as the roadmap to a creative branding campaign that can drive your business for many years to come. Our uniquely tailored creative solutions embrace and reveal your identity while creating a holistic awareness of your brand. This is especially significant in today’s fast paced world where brands lead and business follows.

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